Our specialists are able to provide the following assessments to both internal students and the public:

School-Readiness Assessments

School-readiness assessments are aimed at grade 0 students that are entering their primary school years. The assessment is holistic in nature and assesses a variety of factors that will determine a student’s ability to make the transition into primary school with ease. The assessment will provide future and current teachers with recommendations and suggestions to ensure that the students academic career starts in a positive manner.

Cost: R5000.00

Subject Choice Assessments

A subject choice assessment assists students in grade 9 that need to choose subjects for grade 10 and upwards. The subject choice process is holistic in nature and considers a student’s ability, interests, personality and current opportunities to assist with discovering the perfect fit in terms of school subjects and future ventures.

Cost: R5000.00


The reading assessments are an important assessment in determining a students “just-right” reading level by analysing and interpreting a students reading in fiction and non-fiction. This assessment assists in providing students with direct and personalised reading instruction. This assessment is aimed at students from ages
6 – 13.

Cost: 2000.00

Career Counselling Assessments

In today’s times, individuals devote majority of their time in a work or career environment, therefore, it is crucial that one enjoys their career and ultimately finds satisfaction in their chosen career path. The career counselling process is holistic in nature and considers an individual’s ability, interests, personality and current opportunities to assist with discovering the perfect fit in terms of a career. This is aimed at students in grade 11 – 12.

Cost: R5500.00

Holistic Educational Assessments

Educational assessments may assist with determining a student’s strengths or areas of development, generally or subject specifically. These assessments generally support decision making, with regards to formulation of a plan that may enhance a student’s education. If required, a specialised team will be gathered to provide a holistic overview of the student.

Cost: Dependent on needs of student.

Workshops for parents

The Green School believes in triangulation between parent, teacher and child. In order for parents to support their child’s learning at home, we run termly workshops on our various pillars that support Developmental Harmony™ at home and at school.


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