The Green School campus is spread out across 3 hectares on an estate in Chartwell North, Johannesburg, South Africa. Small classes allow students to work closely with teachers, fostering relationships that are at the core of the school’s philosophy; to “Grow the whole child” and provide the most meaningful educational experience our students will have through their journey at our school.

Our admission process...

1. Campus Visit
and Interview

Visiting the school is an important part of the application process. Please contact the Admission Office to make an appointment by calling +27(83) 400 5383 or click on Book a Tour. Appointments are offered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the school term from 07:30 – 10:30 & 14:00 – 15:00

2. Book a Trial week:

Potential students from Grade 0 to Grade 7 are required to complete a mandatory Trial Week (5 days). During this period, your child’s social and emotional wellbeing will be observed as well as academic assessments conducted, which will include Literacy and Numeracy concepts to determine their current grade-level ability.

The assessments are conducted by qualified specialists. The cost is R1250 per child (this includes a 1 hour feedback session with recommendations).

Please complete the Trial Week application form and send it back to as well as proof of payment for the assessments. Once received, you will be notified in writing from the Admissions Office confirming the dates.

The following assessments will be conducted during the week:

    • Junior Assessment in Mathematics
    • Spelling Inventory
    • On-demand Writing Assessment
    • Developmental Reading Assessment

**There may be additional assessments conducted (at no additional cost) which will be based on each individual child’s requirements.

3. Parent

At The Green School, in order for us to “Grow your whole child” we believe that there needs to be a strong relationship and even more so, partnership, between the parents/guardians, teacher and child – we work as a team and need to ensure that all parties are on the same page in order to have a successful journey together.

Once the trial week has taken place, a feedback session will be set up within 5 working days between the parent/guardian, our Headmistress and the supporting specialist. You will be provided with a comprehensive assessment report as well as The Green School’s recommendations going forward.

During the same session, a parent interview will also take place which allows us to get a more in depth understanding about your family dynamics and your child’s history.

4. Acceptance
& Enrolment:

  1. The following documents (Click on the link to access to forms) will need to be completed and sent back to 3 working days upon acceptance as well as the relevant deposits paid.

Enrolment form

Parent contract

Debit order mandate

Signed school fee structure