Early Childhood

Ages 3 - 5

The Green Preschool is best known for messy play and bare feet. Our happy children spend their morning exploring their environment and connecting with their peers and educators.

Our Early Childhood program is research based. Our educators are inspired by, and trained in, the Reggio Emilia approach and best practices in modern Montessori education.

Our authentically ‘child-centered’ curriculum focuses on talk, play, exploration, active involvement and collaboration.

We introduce early literacy and math concepts, and encourage our students to develop at their ‘just right’ pace, taking from the curriculum when they are ready. Our goal is to ignite our students natural curiosity and love for learning, as they begin to use the language of authors, illustrators, creators and problem-solvers.

Term 1

13 January – 14 April

Term 2

05 May – 06 August

Term 3

07 September – 03 December

A Day at the...

Green Preschool

Children arrive at school each day and are greeted by their teachers and peers. They then have time to explore the sensory stations set out for the day. Children use their senses to explore and try to make sense of the world around them.This leads to a child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks and supports cognitive growth, language development, gross motor skills, social interaction and problem solving skills.

Morning Meeting is the engaging way we start each day, it builds a strong sense of community, and sets children up for success socially and academically. Each morning, students and educators gather together in a circle for fifteen to twenty minutes and interact with one another. Educators and students greet each other by name, share important information from their lives, sing their favourite songs, do a shared reading and plan their day ahead together.

Children sit together at outside tables and enjoy a healthy snack from home

In the plan-do review process, children make plans, carry them out, and reflect on what they have done. In doing so, children learn to take initiative, solve problems, work with others, and accomplish their goals. In doing so their play becomes more purposeful and focused. These daily activities include construction, dough, book-making, puzzles, math games, and imaginary play.

Our book inspired projects investigate and celebrate the work of authors and illustrators. These student-led projects explore math, literacy, art, science, and music.

Our students enjoy music class with our specialist teacher twice a week. They learn to recognize the steady beat, and listen to rhythms and repeat them. They also learn the lyrics and tune of songs and poems. Instruments are introduced towards the end of the year. Preschool students also join in on school productions twice a year.

Clamber Club is fun and it helps children develop fundamental sporting skills. Body awareness, motor planning, eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, balance, co-ordination of body sides, and more, are the gross motor building blocks needed for later specialized sports. Our students participate in Clamber Club twice a week.

Going to school on a farm means that everyone has a job to do! Our students help collect eggs from the coop, feed the chickens, lead the ponies and ensure the cows, dogs and emus are well taken care of. Students particularly enjoy observing and participating in ongoing real-life farm projects, such as paving roads, building purification systems and clearing paddocks.

Children enjoy outdoor play, where they can jump on the trampolines, hang in the tree swings, cook in the mud kitchen or play in the tree houses.



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