The Green Pre-school is the first stage of our journey in creating Developmental Harmony™. This authentically ‘child-centred’ curriculum focuses on talk, play, exploration, active involvement and collaboration. As we introduce early literacy and math concepts, students are able to develop at their ‘just right pace’; taking from the curriculum when they are ready. Our goal is to create successful, happy children, who develop a natural curiosity and love for learning, who see themselves as authors, illustrators, creators and problem solvers.

Primary School

These primary years are focused on developing the fundamental skills that students will use to further pursue their interests and passions. This is done through relevant, child-driven units of study in literacy, creative arts, STEM and mathematics. Meeting international standards through meaningful learning, creating independence and developing a growth mindset are our key goals at this stage.

Middle School

These students are coming into the final stage of their journey. As proficient writers, avid readers, critical thinkers and problems solvers, they are ready to collaborate and solve real world problems through their learning. 


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