At The Green School, our team includes many professionals with different skill-sets.

We have PsychologistsPsychometristsReading and Writing Specialists and top graduates who have a passion for educating for the future.

What do our highly skilled educators look like?

  1. Have a passion in their field
  2. Are able to assess efficiently to meet a child at their just-right level
  3. Have a unique skill-set that comes from their own learning experiences and academic history
  4. Are able to teach to each child’s unique learning style
  5. Are problem-solvers
  6. Are able to plan and develop curriculum that meets each child’s needs
  7. Are able to support children with their areas of development and extend children in areas that are strengths
  8. Make learning meaningful and relatable


“No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.”
– Dr. James P. Comer
  • Founder of The Green School
  • PGCE in Education
  • BA Psychology
  • Reading level 1 & Writing level 1: (University of Columbia) – Teacher’s College
  • AISA American International Schools in Africa Conference – Johannesburg
  • Differentiation in International Schools – Bill & Ochan Powell, AISJ
  • The Responsive Classroom approach – AISJ

Educating the ‘whole child’ is a balance between meeting the child’s needs, a happy home and a safe stimulating school environment.  As an educator, I am passionate about giving students the skills and strategies to pursue their goals and interests. I believe that children feel happy and confident when they are driving the learning process. I believe in up-to-date, relevant curriculum that is intrinsically motivating and that gives students the opportunities to read and write for real reasons, and become active critical thinkers and problem solvers.

I believe that only when a child is happy, confident and met at their ‘just right level’ do they make academic progress.


“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious!”
– Albert Einstein
  • BSc in Environmental Sciences (Specialization in Human Physiology and Psychology),
  • BSc Psychology Honours (Cum Laude)
  • BA Psychometry Honours Equivalent with Special Interest in Educational Psychology
  • MSc in Research Psychology (Current)
  • Reading level 1: (University of Columbia) – Teacher’s College

I believe that it is a privilege to share knowledge and give young minds the skills that will allow them to follow their passions, in any direction they may choose. I believe that each child has unique strengths, and that it is a teacher’s duty to be part of the discovery process. I believe that teaching GRIT and a growth mindset is priceless in today’s world. I believe that a student’s creativity is limitless and should be nurtured and treasured at all times.


“Reading is a way for me to expand my mind, open my eyes, and fill up my heart.”
Oprah Winfrey
  • Literacy Specialist Coach
  • BEd in Primary Education
  • MEd Literacy and Reading
  • Reading level 1 & 2: (University of Columbia) – Teacher’s College
  • AISA American International Schools Association in Africa conference – Johannesburg
  • AISA American International Schools Association in Africa conference – Uganda
  • MAIS Mediterranean American International Schools Conference – Spain
  • Balanced Literacy: Reading & Writing leve1 & 2 – Eckey
  • Differentiation in International School – Ochan Powell, The London Institute of Education
  • The Responsive Classroom approach – AISJ

I am passionate about teaching reading and believe that everyone can become an avid reader! I strive to have strong connections with each of my students and see the importance of the ‘whole child’ when planning and teaching lessons. I use formative assessments to monitor individuals and to identify specific areas of focus. I also encourage my students to think deeply about the texts they read and to dive into the world that the author invites them into.


  • Ed Foundation Phase and Early Childhood Development
  • Golden Key International Honour Society

I believe that all students have the ability to learn, and that every student has their own “spark” to add to the learning environment. Every child is an individual and can explore their individuality comfortably.  My learners are encouraged to ask questions, become problem solvers, develop a skill for critical thinking and to be curious about the world they live in. I believe in a structured classroom space, with consistency and routine forming a safe environment for the learners to feel comfortable, and secure. I aim to create an environment that is inviting, exciting and safe, a place where children want to spend their day whilst learning.


  • BA General
  • BScoSci Honours in Psychology
  • PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education)
  • BA Psychometry Honours Equivalent with Special Interest in Educational Psychology
  • M.Ed Education Psychology (Current)
  • Reggio-Montessori  Best Practice – Teacher Academy in Italy



BYU University in Idaho (2nd Year)

Completing Bachelors Degree in Marriage and Family Studies with special interest in Childhood Development 

I believe that there are key elements that are conducive to actively engage in meaningful learning and it is our responsibility to create that for our children. My role is to act as a guide for my students where learning takes place through hands on activities. I believe in choice and encourage a child’s natural curiosity to influence their leaning.


  • Program for Management Development – University of Pretoria, GIBS
  • Bachelor of Applied Social Science – South African College of Applied Psychology
  • Bachelor of Psychology – BPsych Equivalent (Current – July 2020) 
  • Registration with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as a Student Registered Counselor (2020)

As a counsellor working in a school environment, my overarching goal is preparing both students and teachers to engage adequately and appropriately, with the life challenges they now face and will yet face in the future.


  • BA Psychology
  • BA Psychology Honours 
  • PGCE  (Post Graduate Certificate in Education ) -Intermediate Phase
  • Golden Key International Honour Society



  • Professionally trained in Piano and Voice for 10 years Associates Degree in English
  • Completing Bachelors Degree in Marriage and Family Studies



Higher Certificate in Exercise Science – Personal Fitness Trainer & Sports Conditioning Coach

Certificate of Competence in Coaching Science