"At The Green School
students are taught
how to think, not
what to think"

Rigorous Academics; 
Applied Skills.

We strive to set your child up for success from the start, by exposing them to a stimulating environment that explicitly teaches the skills and strategies required to apply mathematical problem solving, reading comprehension and the writing process from an early age.

Small Classes; 
Big Thinking.

Our small classes allow for active engagement, academic coaching and deep connections. This exclusive learning environment promotes differentiation and individual excellence.

Expert Training; 
Skilled Teaching.

Our team of passionate educators has a combined skill-set ranging from psychometry to psychology, science, business and education, who see themselves as life-long learners and actively participate in continuous professional development.

at The Green School

We believe in growing the whole child. As our students embark on this journey from early childhood to adolescence, our goal is to create a learning environment where early interests are discovered and a sense of identity is nurtured.

Learning at
The Green School
has 5 key differences:

1) Emphasis on Holistic Development

Our education seeks to grow the whole child. We believe in strong triangulation between students, parents and teachers, as we focus on the child’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.

2) Opportunity for Exploration

Relevant subjects with a focus on skills (not content) gives students the opportunity to explore and find their unique passions and interest. This later translates into young adults who are life-long learners with meaningful careers.

3) Stronger Teacher-Student Relationships

At The Green School, students and teachers have the opportunity to connect and form meaningful relationships. This leads to a warmer classroom environment, where open discussions and sharing of opinions is encouraged. Hence, there is greater classroom engagement and active learning. Later, teachers serve as mentors to guide the development of students in Middle and High School.

4) Continuous Evaluation

Green School students do not have to experience the immense pressure of comprehensive final exams, such as matric in the South African education system or O-levels in the British education system. Instead, they are consistently evaluated through a mixture of assignments, presentations, and group projects in addition to tests. Thus, students will experience less stress and are given more opportunity to pace themselves and progress holistically throughout the year.

5) Cultivating Creativity

The Green School promotes students who think outside the box and break new ground. Open discussion is encouraged rather than stifled. Students are coached to apply critical thinking, take measured risks and fully utilize their skills.